Sein bestes Zitat: “the things that I practise in private, I will be rewared for in public!”

Ich hatte die letzten Tage ein ziemlich altes Video von Anthony Robbins gesehen, mir ein paar Zusammenfassungen auf Englisch gemacht und verbreite diese.

Das Video war ein sehr altes, abgefilmtes VHS Video, wo er Ende 20/Anfang 30 wohl war. Dennoch sehr gut und lehrreich! Jetzt also die Personal Power Tony Robbins Zusammenfassung!

the things that I practise in private, I will be rewarded for in public!

Anthony Robbins – Personal Power

Number one key to all success

Do what you want so that is benefits other people simultaneously. Do it always, no matter how often you want!

  • no1 key is to set goals! And the language you use in your head.
  • no1 key is time management!
  • no1 key is discipline!
  • n1 key is belief!
  • n1 key is personal power. Ability to take action. Take idea an make it into reality.

Decision and follow through.
Change your life? Change the quality of the questions you ask each day.

How to duplicate success?

1: duplicate belief systems of someone!
You will think like them, do the same, get same results.
Change core beliefs, learn to change them.
Source is: conditioning, beliefs, action!

get clear what we want and take action!

Fear of failure

Fear of failure does not exist for successful people!
They look at failure as experience or learning.
Key to success is massive failure!
Look at every situation as to learn something. there is not failure.
Let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.
But turning your learning to knowledge, you can become a fool.

How to achieve personal power

Abundance of physical power.
Everything will need some investment and energy!
Most people are tight up in making their living and can never design their life!
Live in abundance of physical energy!

2nd key to personal power – skill

First; define specific and exactly what we want!
Life is a mirror of your consistent thoughts. whatever you focus on in your life, you will get! Most people focus on what they don’t want, and that’s why they get it.

Second: skill or ability to help others to specific define what they want.

Ask destiny questions: if I go this road, what will it cost me: physically, financially, emotionally, in relationships.

Section 4- taking control of your life now.

It’s not what happens, its what you do that makes the difference!
Focus on what you do, not being the victim.
Show up – on time – with a plan – put it into action, you will be ahead of 95% of all people.

state control

Change physiology – breath, posture, walk, gestures, vocal tonality. affecting emotional state.

Small shifts in the way you talk and think, will make big impacts on your life. draw positive and not negative!

5 – the final commitment

Commit to being a team player! The way to be happy and wealthy.
We are happy when you feel like growing and expanding.
If you don’t feel it, you will be bored or depressed. results: overeat, smoke: you will try to distract you with TV.
“I will feel good, when I make enough money, get the relationship, kids get away…” -> who you will become can make you happy or sad, not what you get.
Balance your life!
Limiting beliefs often:”I can only have one or the other”
Walking your talk – be congruent!
Successful people are committed: they do more, give more to others, even free!
The things that I practise in private, I will be rewarded for in public!
Creating moments – create moments in your life.
Everyone is your team-mate! (stimmt!)
Visualize a loving and caring relationship!

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